This website uses the UserWay Accessibility Tool to enhance the user experience for those individuals who might benefit from making changes to the original views. The stick figure icon at the base of every page allows access to many user features that can assist people with visual impairments.

Spokane Transit has chosen to use a larger than normal typeface on the STA webpage but users may want to adjust their browser settings to enlarge the text size or the overall view if they find it hard to read. You should consult the help files in your browser if you are not familiar with those settings.

Some users may want to use software or hardware that is capable of displaying content using speech synthesizers or braille devices. These applications are commonly referred to as screen readers and may or may not require additional support to install and operate successfully.

Screen readers are specifically designed to help users read content on the internet but there is no one configuration that will be right for all users. There are many browsers and add-ons that can help, but a user must determine which combination of browser and/or software is right for them. 

The American Foundation for the Blind has an extensive list of products, complete with descriptions and links to help you determine which combination is right for any specific need. You can view that list here: AFB Screen Readers 

Spokane Transit provides information in alternative formats upon request.

Please call 325- 6094 or call TTY Relay 711 or Email: [email protected].

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