Surplus Van Grant Program


Surplus vans are awarded to qualified human service organizations (HSO) that serve Spokane County residents who have disabilities, advanced age, and/or low income.

The HSO assumes ownership of the vehicle and is responsible for providing:

  • certification of financial and management capacity to maintain vehicle
  • all liability insurance
  • quarterly ridership, miles and hours of service data for the first year
  • a signed agreement relating to the exchange of a vehicle for transportation-related services

Up to ten vehicles are given away each year. Get on the list to be notified for the next application by contacting us at [email protected] or call (509) 325-6016. 

Three women stand in front of a white van from the Surplus Van Grant Program in a parking lot. The woman on the left wears a floral top, the woman in the middle sports a pink t-shirt, and the woman on the right is dressed in a black vest over a white shirt. Buildings and trees frame the scene.

Program Background

At the regular board meeting July 20, 2011, Spokane Transit’s Authority approved the Surplus Van Grant Program to meet unmet transportation needs of qualified Human Service Organizations (HSOs). In accordance with Board Resolution 677-11, up to ten surplus vans will be made available to eligible community agencies to enhance transportation service provided within Spokane Transit’s Public Transportation Benefit Area (PTBA). The vehicles granted to the different agencies may consist of Paratransit vans and Vanpool vans that have been retired from regular service.

Spokane Transit begins advertising for the grant opportunity at the beginning of each year. If you are interested in being added to our e-mailing list, please use the contact below. The open application and important dates/deadlines will be posted during the period applications are being accepted. Due to the volume of applications and the availability for granting vehicles once per year, we cannot accept applications outside of our open period.


Human Service Organizations that serve individuals of the Spokane Transit Public Transportation Benefit Area (PTBA) who have a disability, are of low income, or have mobility limitations due to advanced age are eligible to apply. The PTBA serves the urban growth areas of Spokane City, Spokane Valley, Cheney, Medical Lake, Airway Heights, Millwood, and Liberty Lake. Organizations who are awarded a vehicle must commit to ridership reporting for one year in order to maintain ownership of the granted vehicle. Questions about eligibility, limits of the PTBA and other questions about the program should be directed to [email protected] or call (509) 325-6016. 

2021 Awardees

Thank you to all of the organizations that applied for a vehicle last year! With much deliberation, the following organizations were awarded a van in 2021 (in alphabetical order):

Adult & Teen Challenge Pacific Northwest
Armstrong Adult Family Home
Liberty Baptist Church
Mid City Concerns, Inc.
New Horizon Care Centers
Peak 7 Adventures
Veterans Community Response
Youth Build Spokane/NEWESD 101 

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