Bikes on Buses

Yes! Your bike can ride with us

STA provides bike racks on the front of the buses to make “getting there greener” even easier.

Watch the video or follow the simple instructions listed below and you and your bike will be riding in no time.

How to put your bike on the bus:

Bikes on Busses Infographic Step 1

Step One

Once the bus has stopped, make sure there is room for your bike. Each rack has room for three bikes. If the rack is full, you’ll have to take the next bus.

Bikes on Busses Infographic Step 2

Step Two

If there is room, use the bike trough that is furthest away from the bus. Squeeze the release handle and pull it toward you to lower it.

Bikes on Busses Infographic Step 3

Step Three

Place your bike’s wheels in one of the troughs, with the front wheel facing the spring-loaded bar. If there is already a bike in the front rack, load your bike on one of the back troughs.

Bikes on Busses Infographic Step 4

Step Four

Raise the spring-loaded bar up and over the front tire and place it on the top of the tire, close to the bike frame.

Bikes on Busses Infographic Step 5

Step Five

At your stop, let the driver know you need to remove your bike then exit the front of the bus. Remove your bike, put the rack up, and wave to let the driver know you and your bike are clear.

That’s it! You and your bike are ready to catch a ride with STA.

Rules for bringing bikes on buses:

Bike lockers are available!

Bicycle lockers are available for $5 per month (minimum rental of 3 months with a $25 refundable key deposit. Please call 509-328-7433 for information on renting a locker.

Lockers are available at the following locations:

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