Employer Sponsored Bus Pass Program

Purchasing Passes for Your Employees?

STA’s Employer Sponsored Bus Pass Program allows employers to purchase discounted passes. STA will sell monthly passes to the company or organization at a discount of $4.00 per pass provided that the company or organization agrees to pass that savings on to the employees and offer an additional discount of not less than $4.00 per pass. If any employer has a minimum of 100 people who wish to participate in the program, and the employer will make passes available to all employees at no cost, then STA will sell passes to the employer at a 25% discount.

  1. When you as an employer provide a discount of up to $4 for your employee to purchase a 31-day bus pass, STA will match up to a $4 savings for each pass (a $60 bus pass would cost just $52 for the employee).
  2. If you have a minimum of 100 employees that participate, and you provide the passes to employees at no cost, you’ll receive a 25% savings on 31-day bus passes.

For more information, contact STA’s Business Development Manager, Delana Combs, at 509-343-1674 or [email protected]

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