Smart Card

A Convenient Way to Ride

Smart Cards are a convenient way to ride STA. They can be used as a 31-Day Pass, Monthly Pass, or Stored Value Card. Boarding the bus is faster and they can be reloaded and reused over and over. 

Visit Customer Service at the Plaza and get your Smart Card to day!

Riding the Bus System

Riding the bus with your Smart Card is easy and fast! Before you tap, let your driver know if you qualify for reduced fare, and tap away.  If you are using your Smart Card with Stored Value, request a Two-Hour pass from your driver if you need a transfer.

Riding Paratransit

Paratransit customers can also use a Smart Card – just hand your pass to the driver and let them know if you have a Monthly Pass or Stored Value and they will take care of the rest. 

Things to Note

  • Smart Cards are NOT legal identifications and should only be used for STA purposes.
  • There is no set up fee for your first card, but there is a $5 charge for a replacement card.
  • Don’t forget to register your card with Customer Service to protect your balance in case of a lost card. 
  • DO NOT BEND your card. This can break the technology within the card causing it to no longer function, and causing you to have to replace the card. 
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Retail Outlets

7-Day Passes and 31-Day Passes (Adult, Youth and Reduced Fare)

STA Online Store


If it isn’t convenient to purchase your passes another way, just call (509) 328-RIDE (7433) and request a Pass-By-Mail envelope. Complete the information on the Pass-By-Mail order form, enclose the appropriate amount in a check or money order and you will be mailed your pass. When we receive your request by the 15th of the month, you’ll have your pass by the first of the following month. We’ll also enclose a new Pass-By-Mail envelope for your next order. 

  • 2-Hour Passes (Adult, Youth and Reduced Fare; sold in batches of ten)
  • Day Passes (Sold in batches of five)
  • Paratransit One Ride Passes (Sold in batches of ten)
  • 7-Day Pass
  • 31-Day Passes (Adult, Youth and Reduced Fare)
  • Monthly Paratransit Passes
  • Monthly Shuttle Park (Formerly City Ticket) Passes 

On the Bus

  • 2-Hour Passes (Adult, Youth and Reduced Fare)
  • Day Passes
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