Safety Manager

Job Summary

Spokane Transit is in the middle stages of a dynamic 10-year plan called STA Moving Forward. The purpose of this plan is to maintain, improve, and expand transit services throughout Spokane County to meet the needs of our growing community. We are looking for a well-qualified safety manager to take on the great responsibility to ensure the day-to-day implementation and operations of the Agency’s Safety Management System (SMS) are accomplished.

The Safety Manager has the oversight authority and responsibility for the day-to-day implementation and operations of the Agency’s Safety Management System (SMS) and reports to the CEO. The safety of operations rests with the relevant agency managers. The Safety Manager’s role is to assist those managers with safe operations. The Safety Manager meets frequently with management to provide direction and supervision for the development and implementation of various programs and plans that define the safety culture and safety requirements that contribute to a safer work environment, and define the level of safety requirements for STA, its employees, consultants, and contractors, patrons, and facilities.

As the Safety Manager, you will lead the safety committee and be responsible for overseeing, managing, supervising, and coordinating STA’s agency-wide system safety, loss control and emergency response programs. You will apply your expertise to develop and implement bus system safety programs in coordination with agencies and contractors, develop and recommend safety policies to executive management, and coordinate assigned activities with department managers and staff. Your efforts to develop and implement programs to reduce the frequency, severity, and cost of employee and 3rd party accidents, injuries, and occupational illnesses will be of great value to STA employees and the greater Spokane community.

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Ideal Candidate Profile

  • Knowledgeable in business/industry principles and practices for the area of responsibility and external and management reporting requirements.
  • Skilled in in coaching, training and motivating staff in implementing and following safety standards.
  • Capable with facilitating corrective actions for safety-related discrepancies and deficiencies.
  • Great with tailoring safety management plans for the conduct of operations based upon risk.
  • Motivated to ensure operations and staff have adequate support and resources for success.

Our Benefits

In addition to the career opportunity, we offer a competitive wage, and excellent benefits package that includes:

Examples of Duties

  • Develop and maintain safety policies, plans, procedures, and a proactive SMS/Agency Safety Plan.
  • Develop realistic and data-driven safety performance indicators and safety performance targets.
  • Verify compliance with the SMS/Agency Safety Plan and the Accident Prevention Program with relevant legislation, guidelines, and standards.
  • Provide direction, interpretation and recommendations over technical matters such as safety design and systems in new bus/van purchases, facility renovations, and other areas (e.g., standards for safe working, job hazard analyses, and the development of standard operating procedures and handbooks.
  • Coordinate closely with Security on plans, procedures, and programs related to bus operator safety activities that involve passenger injuries or incidents (e.g., disruptive behavior), pedestrian incidents or incidents with other road users (e.g., collisions), preventing and mitigating worker assaults, emergency response and security procedures for the different modes.
  • Assist in developing safety training, competency and awareness programs and providing input and final review in developing training activities.
  • Tailor safety management plans for the conduct of operations based upon risk.
  • Allocate safety resources based on work, associated hazards, and importance of facilities/activities.
  • Review and approve training and education plan programs that maintain competency in safety critical areas.
  • Measure and report program effectiveness in a form that is useful and relevant to include all National Transit Database Safety and Security Reporting.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in industrial hygiene, safety, or a related field.
  • Eight years of experience directing and managing the safety and related functions of a safety operation.
  • Knowledge of operational characteristics, services, and activities of safety
  • Experience with workers’ compensation and liability claims and associated programs.
  • Knowledge of safety functions and safety programs, facility safety, (DOSH/OSHA/FTA) safety and hazard analysis and mitigation.

Interested in Applying?

Qualified individuals are strongly encouraged to apply. A cover letter and resume are required with your online application in order to receive consideration. If you have questions regarding this position or need assistance, please contact Jeff Smith, Senior HR Specialist, at (509) 343-1690. This position is open until filled.

Spokane Transit is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment and will not be discriminated against on the basis of age, disability, ethnicity/race, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or veteran status.

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