Bloomsday Service

Ride STA to Bloomsday

Every year, an estimated one fourth of the runners and spectators coming to Bloomsday use Spokane Transit, either by riding an express Bloomsday shuttle or by regular bus service. Downtown Spokane is a very hectic place during the race and many streets are closed to regular traffic. The STA Plaza is within the area that is closed and an alternate location is used downtown as a temporary transfer point each year during the race. Spokane Transit also provides express shuttle service directly from various locations outside the downtown core. The particular times and locations are subject to change each year depending on road construction or alterations in service to accommodate events or activities that can change from year to year. 

Backpack Restrictions

The Bloomsday Run has restriction on backpacks at the starting line, on the course, and at the finish line. See Bloomsday’s website for more information.

Bloomsday Service.
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