Ways to Ride

How to Ride

Everything you need to know to get started riding STA buses.
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Text Your Stop

Text 99689 to Check Bus Stop Departure Times
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The Plaza

The Plaza is the central hub for the majority of transit trips in Spokane.
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Park & Ride Locations

Find out more about STA's Park & Ride locations.
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Transit Apps

There are many apps available to enhance your transit experience!
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Detour Status

Find out how you can keep up-to-date with STA detour conditions.
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Bikes On Buses

Did you ever notice the bikes racks on the front of STA buses? Find out how to take your bike on your next bus ride.
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STA Fleet

The STA fixed route fleet contains many types of buses.
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STA Hybrid Facts

View some fast facts about the diesel-electric hybrid vehicles.
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Commute Calculators

What Does Your Commute Cost and What is Your Carbon Footprint?
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Lost and Found

Lose something on an STA bus? We might have what you are looking for!
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Reduced Fare Pass and Qualifications

Spokane Transit’s Reduced Fare Pass is for people who have a Reduced Fare Photo ID Card or a Paratransit Eligibility Card.
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Security Cameras and Surveillance

For our customers’ safety and security, activities at The Plaza and on and around STA buses and vans may be visually and audibly recorded.

Service Changes: September 19, 2021

On September 19, 2021, changes will occur to many schedules in the system. Read More.
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