What services does Spokane Transit provide?

Spokane Transit provides Fixed Route bus service on 40 different routes with 147 buses, 28 of which are hybrid (diesel-electric) vehicles. The agency provided 10,264,971 bus rides in 2017, a 0.03% increase over 2016.

STA’s Paratransit Service provides origin-to-destination, shared ride transportation for people who are disabled if the effects of their disabilities prevents them from using the regular bus. The Paratransit fleet of 112 lift-equipped vans provided 477,010 trips in 2017.

Vanpool is Spokane Transit’s ride share program. Groups of five or more commuters share the cost of commuting and the ride to work together in an STA van driven by one of the commuters. In 2017, Vanpool made 178,457 trips and is currently operating 76 vanpools. 

Mobility Training is a free STA program that helps seniors and persons with disabilities gain more independence by learning to ride the bus.

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